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FVP - 50 (Vertical)

Forming vertical automatic and continuos tubular containers for solid products, powder and granular individual or multiple.


Model: FVP-50

Manufacturer: Feulpack


This is a super competitive machine but robust construction, simple, low maintenance, quick change of formats and much reliability for reduced packaging. Packing type "pad" is made by means of a former (collar) forming a tube with a longitudinal sealing or welding and two transversal with respective cut separating the finished package forming package. The FPV-50 machine is suitable for packaging of loose products, small parts, powder, granules and others.

How it works: The product is fed through a feeder pan type, mugs, threads and others. The film pulled from the coil through trafilas through with forming tube, through which the product is sealed or welded lengthwise. Rotating clamps effecting closing while the cross section, discharging the packaged product through a pipeline.


Packaging material: BOPP, cellophane laminated kraft resin, cello-poly-cello, aluminum and other termoseláveis ​​papers.


Technical data 

Production: FPV-50 to P 80 packages / minute


Product Dimensions:

Length: minimum 35, maximum 170mm

Width: minimum 10, maximum 95mm

Height: minimum 01, maximum 40 mm

Maximum length of 220mm packaging 


Actuation:Electric motor, alternating current of 0.55 kW, with electronic inverter speed.


Sealers: Electric 24v with automatic adjustment electronic thermometer sealing temperature.


Optional: serrated knife

                 photocell for print centering

                 dater or production code


                 automatic adjustment package length (02                    engines, 02 inverters)


Power Consumption: 1Kw


Weight: Approximately 120 kg

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