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FPP 200 -  Press

Press FPP -200 , was designed for pressing dough peanut ( pacoca ) and others.

Maintaining a strong compaction and finishing of the product, and the same stands out for its robust design and be fitted with frequency converter for motor speed adjustment , can also be optionally incorporated into the product flow control system , this system controls the inlet when the press is coupled to a packaging machine type " flow-pack " or Portfolio ( HTN ) .


How it works: The mass is introduced into the cavities of the turntable, then it will be compressed in the pressing system (acoustic guitar ) . which will later be released already in the format and desired compression.


Technical data


Production: Single Track up to 200 pcs minute.                               Double track up to 360 pcs minute.

Engine: 1.5 hp

Inverter frequency: 1,5 CV

Energy consumption: 1 KW

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